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Top Three Phone Conference Tips


We all probably get on conference calls frequently and some might be more important than others. In my line of work I'm on them almost every day and some days multiple times per day. I've found a few methods which work to get the most success out of these calls. I've shared them below:

1. Set up the call using a Calendar Invite and include all the Dial In directions in the Calendar Invite. Invite all the parties who need to be on the call in the Calendar Invite. To ensure they all know about the call, send an email letting them know you will or have sent a Calendar Invite and include the Dial In directions in the email. Think redundancy.

2. If the call is more than a week away send an email or text the morning of the call reminding people of the scheduled call. This way the parties know you are serious and well prepared.

3. At the onset of the call remind the individuals of the duration and subject matter of the call and any directions if the call should cut out due to gremlins which plague so many systems

One bonus I'd like to add is to ask the parties beforehand if they need any additional information from you so you have time to send it out and they'll have time to review it. Conference calls are here to stay so staying organized and thinking about redundant communication and systems will lead to success.

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