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Closing out 2016!

I'm sitting in a super hip cafe in Wynwood Miami which as I just found out, everything is for sale and I'm listening to some killer Hendrix . There is a faint scent of gasoline waifing over the display of artisinal doughnuts. All the retro cafe racers, lighting, clothes and of course coffee keep the eyes darting around. What a concept?

It's been an interesting albeit more mellow year for me than years past. Barring the election where a completely inexperienced nincompoop with a 4th grader grasp of the English language is now the leader of the US and A, I would venture to say it was one of the more fun years I've had. Some of the highlights were an incredible trip with my beautiful wife to Italy. Not a week goes by where we don't miss the Amalfi Coast of some of the great meals we had. My inquisitive and charming daughter went through a growth spurt and is far from the little baby I once knew. She continues to overwhelm me with emotions and feelings the like of which she won't realize for many years. I guess the big news is that another year went by and I maintained having a 30 inch waist. YES!!! Now with the pizza, waffles, cookies and chocolate I consume this is no easy task and please don't try it at home. So life is good!

Professionally it's been a rewarding, challenging, enlightening, exciting and complex time. Dazed and confused by Led Zeppelin just came on. How auspicious! I enjoy endurance sports coaching now more than ever even though I think in some ways triathlon has jumped the shark. Come on now kids- just go swim, bike and run your ass off sometimes without compression sleeves and more technology than NASA affixed to your body! My career in marketing is gaining more momentum every month and I'll be joining forces with some great new entities which will be revealed very soon. My next post will most likely be focused on the state of sports sponsorship. It's currently stewing and mixing in my head. Sweet Home Alabama- love it!

I'll be hanging in Miami for holidays and spending time with family from Brasil. When 2017 kicks off I guess my favorite saying will blast off as well: You never know!

Have a great holiday season and new years friends.



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