Cycling Tips for Executives

If I hear, cycling is the new golf for executives, one more time I'm going to run myself over with my own bike. Yes, it's true but let's come up with a new headline. For many years there has been a growing popularity in cycling among the C suite and for good reason. The sport of cycling is low impact, good for thrill seeking, has cool gear and most importantly, you can do it with others for hours on end. This makes it ideal for a new type of business meeting. With the price of bikes climbing and climbing (remember good road and mountain bikes DO come in all prices) those who can spend a lot of money, love technology and the cool factor will yield to those with deep pockets. Most importantly

Top Ten Running Tips for Executives

The alarm pounds into your sleeping brain at 5am and you instantly remember the promise you made to yourself to go for a run. Your motivation is your own - it could be to improve your overall health, an upcoming race, living long to be a pain in the butt for your children or whatever. Perhaps you're in your own bed or a swanky hotel somewhere. Still, the running shoes are right next to you, calling you, pleading with you, but all you can think about is your packed schedule for the day with every hour stacked- meetings, calls, lunch and an overwhelming tasks list. Being an executive isn't always easy but one common denominator of the most successful people in the world is that they wake up ea

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