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Cycling Tips for Executives


If I hear, cycling is the new golf for executives, one more time I'm going to run myself over with my own bike. Yes, it's true but let's come up with a new headline.

For many years there has been a growing popularity in cycling among the C suite and for good reason. The sport of cycling is low impact, good for thrill seeking, has cool gear and most importantly, you can do it with others for hours on end. This makes it ideal for a new type of business meeting. With the price of bikes climbing and climbing (remember good road and mountain bikes DO come in all prices) those who can spend a lot of money, love technology and the cool factor will yield to those with deep pockets. Most importantly you'll have hours to talk and strategize on the bike with someone you share a major kinship with. Thus, the executive cyclist population is pretty large!

I've straddled all sides of this world as a coach, active cyclist and also an executive so I can tell you first deals can get done on the bike.

Below are my top six tips for you executive cyclists out there:

6. Keep business cards in a plastic bag in your saddle bag or other spare parts holder

5. Keep your phone with you (again in a plastic bag) to take notes or numbers when you make a stop

4. Be courteous to other cyclists and vocal calling out stop signs, red lights etc. This will also be a good way to create camaraderie with other cyclists

3. Invite potential clients or partners for a bike ride instead of a typical dinner or office meeting

2. In some cities there are cycling clubs which only have executives as members. Inquire to joining and meeting up for some rides

1. Consider investing in having your company logo placed on custom kits which you create your own or join up with a club or team. You'll then always represent your brand or company and have a logo to point to people when you're out for a ride

I hope all of this information is helpful and inspires you to get out there, drop the golf club, get on the bike and do some business. There's only one last question to ask. When are we riding?

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