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WOW. What a Year!

If there is one thing I've learned in the past 365 days it is certainly that you never know where life is going to take to you. 2021 was by far one of the most challenging years personally and professionally. But, my approach to all of these challenges is to look at it as a blessing or multiple blessings with lots of learnings. It was frustrating as hell but through the frustrations I learned. It was sad at times but through the sadness I learned and I was angry at times but through the anger, yep, you guessed it-I learned. I thought years ago that after going through the trials and tribulations of addiction, divorce, owning my own companies and betrayal that the next path would be smooth. But, like the sea, life can bring you rough waters. It's just important to be ready to steer through them and well equipped to do so. So, as I reflect on one hell of a year here are my takeaways, my learnings which I'm grateful to have:

  1. Do more background research on the projects, people and places you get involved with

  2. When making decisions take a deep breath or three and go slower

  3. When dealing with issues be direct; when dealing with people take the indirect approach

  4. Don't be afraid to ask questions

  5. No bad teams, just bad leaders-Thank you Echelon Front

  6. Trust your experience

  7. Relationship building is vital-again thank you Echelon Front

I'm so fortunate and to use one of those trendy, kitschy words, grateful to have lived through the last year. Years ago I got to a point in my career where I was on cruise control and knew the questions people would ask before they did. I wasn't challenged anymore so am happy now to have gone through recent challenges, learned from them and now have amazing knowledge to go forward into the next chapter. As I approach my 50th year on this planet I'm excited about the future, to learn more and experience more ups and down because no one ever said this is it and it's smooth sailing. Besides, at least I got to ride a camel. You just never know!

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