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Top Ten Takeaways from 2023 F1 Miami GP

This was year two of the Miami GP and where do I even begin! Miami turned into a scene from Caligula for a week with luxury, pretense, energy, beautiful people, lavish everything oozing from the tropical corners of every street. Swaths of pastel pink and vice blues painted all parts of the city with thumping parties showing up all over the town known for its decadence and splendor.

But onto the race. I wrote about the inaugural race last year and this year was even more over the top. The race itself was not overly exciting but this happens and when cars fly by you at over 200MPH it's still thrilling.

Without further annoyance and overuse of adjectives here are my top ten thoughts of this years Miami F1 Grand Prix:

  1. Loved the incorporation of so many Miami food/bev companies. From Coconut Cartel to our local food trucks the gastro scene had something for everyone

  2. Maps and more maps. Good to see more large signage maps and map kiosks around

  3. Drivers parade was very cool integrating many unique classic and super cars from various generations and local owners

  4. Staff could have been better educated for transportation and I received confusing and misleading intel on where to get rides from

  5. Transpo will continue to be difficult with so many people attending and I don't know how to cut down on the long walks but if something is figured out the customer experience will be lifted tremendously

  6. Love the addition of a pool scene to the race and actually I was quite jealous because I would have loved to have been poolside watching a live race. So Miami!

  7. For a city which is known for its angry residents, overall people had their best manners on show and even if it was the cocktails talking everyone seemed so happy and friendly

  8. Multi cultural!!! Awesome to see so many people from everywhere into racing. All races, colors, creeds taking in the speed and personalities that F1 brings

  9. Great celeb sightings from the man himself Tom Cruise and LL Cool J to the Williams sisters. Miami brings them out!

  10. Although the pastels of the race theme merch is not necessarily my cup of tea it was great to see people embrace the merch and support the race and their favorite team. But honestly, let's get creative and get away from pink and blue to represent Miami. Be fresh, original and build something unique but I get it!

Hats off to the incredible Hard Rock organizers for pulling off a great event again and so soon after the Miami Open. Seriously, your staff must have worked so intensely to get it put together and a fine job indeed. See you next year!

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