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The Only Thing Constant is Change

One of my favorite sales mentors in the world said to me that there's nothing wrong with trying a new strategy if it's well thought out. We discussed sales strategies ad nauseam and he had given me so many great tactics and advice so we routinely never had an issue with trying new things after thinking them through. Formula 1 is in a way trying to sell entertainment. Change is rarely easy and when you're one of the biggest sports properties in the world there's a lot on the line and you're very open to mass criticism. So, I applaud Formula 1 for trying new things this past weekend at the British GP. F1 is typically a conservative operation but lately the winds have been changing.

The two biggest changes I want to highlight are the Saturday Sprint race and post race bus interview lap. I'm looking at this through the lens of the worldwide fan (myself included) so I see the benefits in both of these additions. Here's why I think they're positive:

  • I get two races for the price of one. When you tell an athlete it's a race, no matter how you spin it, it's game on and you get that extra bit performance. So I loved seeing the short and fast race on a Saturday.

  • The fan who bought tickets for Saturday and Sunday get more action as well.

  • At first it seemed like the post race bus lap with interviews was hokey but what a great way for the drivers to get closer to the fans. I think they had 140,000 fans on site so I think it was great for the fans to get a better up close view of their favorite drivers, a hand wave and eye contact. I know it wasn't easy on the drivers but that's entertainment!

  • I liked the combination of Jenson doing the post race interviews on the bus as well since I could see more personality from the drivers and watch them engage with the fans.

  • It seems F1 knows they need to shake things up so are doing a number of initiatives to break the status quo.

There's a lot of competition out there for the fans attention, catering to the Gen Z and creating more content. Again, change isn't always easy and F1 will never please everyone but I like where this road is headed.

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