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Are You a Zero?

Just some random branding/naming thoughts in the food and beverage sector. This is really stemming from the explosion in the non-alcoholic beer category. I'm a big fan of these drinks because I love the taste of beer but don't like feeling loopy. I know, call me crazy.

My thinking is that a few of these brands just simply name their beverage Zero or 0.0 or some other iteration. Sure, the zero immediately tells people there is no alcohol but why would you use the same name as your competitor and aren't you in some way telling your customers they are a zero? My rambling point is that can't brands or their agencies be more creative? I mean, push the envelope a bit and try something else. No one wants to be a Zero of anything and you can still have 0.0% alcohol on the bottle but differentiate yourself in the brand name. I remember when the Ironman group was going through naming exercises for their new half Ironman series and they were thinking of calling it the Half Ironman Series or something to that effect. The smart creative people in the room said, 'well no one wants to be a half of anything.' My contention is the same with a product called Zero.

What do you think? Are brands being lazy or are they spot on giving the product a direct and specific name?

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