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Five Proven Tips for Getting the Meeting

A wise man once said, "Nothing happens until something gets sold." And isn't that the truth.

Somebody is going to sell the person you're talking to at some point so why can't it be you. But it usually begins with getting a phone call. At some point in the sales cycle you'll want to get the person on the phone. After many years of analyzing my business development and sales successes I've identified five key tips for getting prospects on the phone. I've saved a few of my best for later but these five will certainly help move the needle towards getting the person to set up a phone or in person meeting.

5. When you email the prospect ask them who they believe you should speak with about XYZ even though you know full well that they are the person you want to speak with. If they don't tell you they are the correct person than they can easily refer to you the right person which takes them out of the equation but gets you to the right person. Then when you ask that 'right' person for a call you can tell them so and so referred you.

4. If you email to ask for a phone call meeting request a date two weeks ahead since most people are more apt to book far ahead. It also gives the perception that your time is valuable and you are busy as well.

3. Be brief in your email. Aim for 4-6 sentences maximum and make each word count. Take your time and proofread.

2. Be grateful and appreciative. Tell the prospect that you are truly grateful for their time. Always be polite and sincere. Even if they aren't a client/customer yet people buy from people they like.

1. Give them a reason to have a call with you. For example, "I want to learn more about your role at XYZ company or we just launched a new service and I wanted to get your feedback on it.' People typically enjoy talking about themselves so give them an opportunity to do that.

These are a few techniques I've found assist in getting the sales ball rolling. If you have any of your favorites leave them in the comment box. Keep finding, grinding and binding!

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