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Z Top Five Business Development Tips

It's a groggy Monday morning and you're on the train again, walking those familiar streets or driving into the office. Yes, the office. It's your sanctuary, your nemesis, your place which allows you the means to live your life. You're contemplating your goals, assessing your position and making mental gigabyte notes of your deal flow. You have to generate business, hit your marks and bring in the work.

Most everyone is selling something. Agencies are selling their services, someone has to sell the widgets, even brand managers have to sell someone in their pipeline. I've found a few tactics which work well and I'm sharing them with you so you can achieve success. I ask for nothing in return except you give 100%, not 110% since I don't believe in that. You can choose to either not do something or give 100%. Let's not play games in business and pretend like there's more than that.

Plan and execute.

1. Do your research and know who makes the decisions to buy

2. Do your research and know your competition

3. Do your research and know your KEY differentiators

4. Be humble and polite but confident

5. Think of a No as a Not Right Now. Make a note to follow up in 3,6 or 12 months. Things change.

These by no means are all the best practices out there and maybe for someone they are just good reminders.

Remember, everyone you don't reach out to or ask always comes back as a No!

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