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Gems I've Learned from my Mentors

I've had some wonderful mentors in my careers. It doesn't matter whether it's coaching endurance athletes, managing Professional athletes, directing large events, managing brands or negotiating million dollar sponsorships, I value these mentors and the knowledge I gained from working with them. I hope these nuggets motivate you, educate you, inspire you or just make you crack a smile. Let's roll:

1. Never go into a meeting without knowing where the other person went to college

2. Start fast, finish last

3. Measure twice, cut once

4. Organization is the key to success

5. At some point you have to ask for the contract

6. Never rest on your laurels

7. You're only as good as your last deal

8. Selling sponsorship is the second hardest job in motorsports. Driving the car is the first

9. No deal is better than a bad deal

10. If you're on time, you're five minutes late

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