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Senseless Tragedy. Guns. My Take.

We're devastated. A double murder suicide occurred at our gym. More than our gym it is my wife's place of employment. My wife knew the parties involved, worked with them, socialized with them and is now grieving for them and their families. Most of you know of this situation and what you're about to read is raw, real and the way I see it. This is close to home, utterly senseless, tragic and just sad. The newspapers captured the spirit of the two innocent souls who were brutally murdered. This is heart wrenching and conflicting.

I've been in the exact location where the shooting happened numerous times with and without my firearm. What if I was there? Would I or my wife been harmed? What if she was working there? The thoughts knot up my stomach, spin my head and leave me without answers. Would I have been ready to protect her or others? Would I have had the mindset and ability to change the scenario? Towards the end of this blog you might change your mind with whatever your thinking.

This is a complex situation but I want to write about my perspective on the issue around guns and this is MY TAKE and I don't fully expect everyone to agree but here are the raw facts.

Guns are everywhere and they aren't going anywhere. So we can't expect our American society to give up their guns. It's not happening. We can't go back in time and become England. We're a larger and more complex country than Australia.

If I want to buy another gun I have no problem waiting 2,3,4,5 days for the background check. And yes, I do believe we should have more background checks, more thorough background checks and YES even for rifles. The doves, geese, deer or paper targets aren't going anywhere. So go ahead US government- do better background checks. I can wait.

Two types of people have guns. The first to protect and the second to harm.

The disconnect is with mentally unstable people getting guns and for this, there is no great solution yet.

Sane people do not go into movie theaters, schools, gyms etc. and start shooting up the place.

Responsible gun owners know where, when and how guns should be handled and how to keep them stored safely. Recently I was hanging out with a friend who had two firearms in his car. Both without holsters and not locked up when he gave his keys to a valet. Get my point here.

I love guns. I love the thrill of shooting and the challenge of getting better at the various elements of marksmanship and tactical exercises. I love the gear, going to the range with friends and shooting in the outdoors.

But what I love the most is knowing that if a situation occurs I have a chance at protecting my family. I am not a sitting duck. I only have that chance because I am armed. But I don't want everyone armed. I don't want everyone having guns. What I want is if you are getting a gun to get TRAINED!!! Don't buy a gun if you are not willing to get training and keep training. Know the four fundamental rules of gun ownership and if you don't you can ask my ten year old who can recite them for you because she learned them.

Take classes. Take lots and lots of classes. There are some great instructors out there. Seek them out and be consistent with your training. Again, don't own or carry a gun unless you train for the 'what if'! Don't be an irresponsible citizen.

In the classes I take we always 'what if' and we run through dozens and dozens of scenarios and practice. And when we're done practicing we practice some more. Unfortunately in most situations there isn't much time to think just to react. And reacting properly is crucial. The reaction will only be achieved by practice. If you are not training and don't have the tactical mindset when the shit hits the fan you could become more of a problem than solution.

Until you pass judgement on my decision to own and carry a firearm come with me and take a class. Then you'll understand why I do what I do.

I leave you with this question. If you are in a place when the bad guy shows up would you feel safer next to someone without a gun or someone who has a gun and is trained to protect you? .

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