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As always if you’re reading this I thank you! Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit this site and for your interest in my world. Z World. I welcome all comments and please feel free to give the good, bad and ugly.

I’ve gone through a few transitions in my life (that’s a significant understatement) and that old saying keeps coming back to me…the only thing constant is change. I’m very stoked right now! I recently reignited, rebranded and relaunched my own marketing agency, Universal Multisport (UMS) and 2017 really started off in a great way with the new site up and running. is live!

I love the images and layout the team came up with and we’ll be adding more and more cool content as we nail down great projects. So what is it? Go check out the site but here’s what we do- we offer a full suite of business development services for some incredible creative, PR, social media and experiential marketing agencies. We signed current Indy 500 Champion Alexander Rossi, the Sahara Force India Formula One team, all the Ironman Brazil events and the largest running race series in Brazil. We’re also looking into some other major sports and researching some top athletes to bring into the UMS universe. Right now we’re working on acquiring great partners for these valuable properties and are already in negotiations with some major companies. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have amassed a network of people at great brands who trust my guidance for their marketing needs. The primary objective with UMS is to use the properties we have as vehicle for brands to help build their own business, get more clients/customers and deliver data to showcase the impressions we’ve received with the programs. Long gone are the days of slapping a banner somewhere and saying good night. We will not take on the client if we don’t find a right fit for them. End of story! If you’re reading this and need a new website, social media management or digitl campaign- we’ve got the best in the business ready to design, program, strategize and launch it for you. If you have a brand and want to reach a global audience of hundreds of millions then we’ll develop a program, staff it, activate it and deliver every analytic you need to ensure you’ve invested wisely. Please follow along as we capture and post some incredible images and curate interesting content. Follow us on Insta and Twitter- @UMSGlobal

I would ask that you wish me luck in this endeavor but I don’t believe in luck. I just believe in getting after it, going after it, working smarter and succeeding.

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