Lee’s extensive network reaches all corners of the globe and across every industry space. His experience is in finding opportunities to help solve marketing issues across various platforms. In his career as a marketing and business development executive Lee has originated, developed, activated and measured various programs totaling millions of dollars with the following companies:


I’m not going to take it to another level. I’m not going to promise solutions. I’m not going to tell you it’ll be there Friday and have it to you late. And I’m not going to hold back. What I am going to do is give you insights, data, summations and observations of my professional and occasionally personal world, Z world. This is not a sports blog but it will have sports included. It will be business development and marketing focused. Do you want to know how I literally hit my life goals dead on and went from being a personal trainer trading a couple of bucks an hour to negotiating numerous multi million dollar deals and working for the biggest names in marketing? Keep coming back and reading. Leave me a note as well and let me know what you liked or didn’t. I have no ego in the game! It’s all about Z results.


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