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Full Send with Juncos Hollinger Racing

Juncos Hollinger Racing I'm really looking forward to working with this esteemed team to bring more value to their partnership portfolio.

From the Official Team Statement:

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Lee Zohlman, our latest addition to the Juncos Hollinger team! With exceptional experience, Lee is a fantastic asset. Thrilled to have you on board, Lee!

Read Lee's initial thoughts. ⬇️ 💬

"JHR offers a unique value prop for brands and partners from the other teams on the grid which is why I feel they're an excellent group to advise. This highly experienced team are leaders in offering the best value for partners as well as creating outstanding B2B and B2C programs. It's full throttle for me with Juncos Hollinger Racing." - Lee Zohlman#JuncosHollingerRacing #JHR #INDYCAR #ThePowerOfPossibility

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