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Top Five Running Tips for Executives

I want you to run! If you're an executive or someone with a lot of professional responsibilities I want you to run even more. It's just damn good for you. Starting the day out with a run makes you immediately more successful because you already accomplished something challenging and uneasy. When you run there is more blood flow to the brain and you will think more creatively and strategically. Waking up in the morning and going for a run makes you more disciplined and we all know that discipline equals freedom.

Since I've coached executives for over twenty years and work in an executive position myself I've put together my best tips for the professional on the run.

1. Ask the hotel front desk or concierge for a running map or search for routes on Strava

2. Always slip a 20 dollar bill or credit card in your shorts. You never know if you'll need food, drink or a taxi

3. Keep your cell phone on not just in case you get lost but if you have a great idea or come up with the greatest invention ever you can record it

4.Consider having a meeting while running. A run meeting is less formal and if you share the same interest with the party you're doing business with you're more likely to have a successful working relationship

5. Recon a place you might have a meeting. If you're travelling it's a great way to see a city or do a recon of a place you might have a future meeting. The recon is essential for business meetings and not just for the military. I look for the best seat to see the whole establishment and who is coming or going. I scout out secondary places to meet, all the exits and the distance back to my hotel.

Let's not forget the myraid of health benefits which come from running. But most importantly you won't feel as guilty eating those truffle french fries at lunch. Run on!

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