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Top Five Fun Goals

I have some big goals! I always liked the saying, Go Big or Go Home. Goals are great to put down and I'm listing out my top five fun goals which I want to achieve in the next year or two. I've had really good success with goal setting and crazy as it sounds I've hit a lot of them. So here are five in no particular order. Comments are always welcome.

1. Go to the Monaco F1 race - the course for this race is stunning, challenging and beautiful. Since I work with an F1 team and in the industry this has a good chance of happening.

2. Go cycling and truffle hunting in Northern Italy with my wife. We had an incredible time in Italy last year and want to go back do Tuscany and ride. But the trip would not be cycling only. I want to do a day on a truffle farm. Yes what I'm really saying is I want to go on an eating and cycling trip.

3. Drive an Aston Martin or McLaren on a track! Not a Ferrari, Lambo or Porsche but a fast, luxurious, throaty proper English built super car. Sure I can go buy a couple laps with a company but I don't want the typical consumer experience for five laps. I want time. Lots and lots of time to get to know the machine.

4. Take a road trip with my daughter. She's at a great age now and there are so many cool places to go. I have to find a unique place to have a good drive to. Any ideas?

5. Get really good at precision rifle shooting, close quarter pistol combat and do one precision shooting competition. I've been doing more and more shooting lately and I'm not one to be content with mediocrity in anything so I need to put in the time and money. The precision rifle shooting will require a new weapon and lots of practice. I like the bang sound they make! :)

So that's it. What are yours? I'll look back in a year at this and see how I did!


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