Right Tools for the Job

I was never the fastest runner. Well, compared to those I was racing against. I did, however, work hard at it and actually managed to win a few races. You know the old saying, runners can't swim and swimmers can't run. I proved that many times over but I did always believe in having the right equipment for the type of race I was in. If it was a 5K then a super light pair of racing flats or a half marathon then a heavier more stable trainer with 100 miles on them. But what does this have to do with business you ask? Having the right tools for the job is number three on my list of essential business practices right behind having the right people on the bus and paying them well. Let me give you

Why B Dev is Like Swimming.

I swam a lot! And by a lot I mean I collectively trained and competed in swimming for close to 26 years. That's 26 years of swimming 4-6 times per week in a cold pool, lake, ocean and rivers but it was the pool mostly where the torture took place. Lap after exhausting lap I counted endless strokes, controlled my breathing, applied power into various parts of my body and anticipated results. But mostly I did math. All of the breathing, body awareness and energy expenditure led to one outcome: time. It's pretty simple really when you think about it. The pool is 25 meters (mostly). How fast can you get from one side to the other and what does it take to make a faster time and ultimately more su

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