I met today with a client who is the head of sponsorship for a large race car team and we were discussing the business of sponsorship and what an interesting way it is to make a living. I started wondering how I found myself doing what I do. So for the three and a half readers per month who see this I thought I'd let you in on how I went through a career rebirth and transitioned from coaching swimming, cycling and running to working in the world of global sports sponsorship and media rights. It's a pretty cool story, I must say. I had started my endurance sports coaching company in 1998 and was fortunate enough to had built it into an industry leader in under five years pioneering many metho

Top Five Running Tips for Executives

I want you to run! If you're an executive or someone with a lot of professional responsibilities I want you to run even more. It's just damn good for you. Starting the day out with a run makes you immediately more successful because you already accomplished something challenging and uneasy. When you run there is more blood flow to the brain and you will think more creatively and strategically. Waking up in the morning and going for a run makes you more disciplined and we all know that discipline equals freedom. Since I've coached executives for over twenty years and work in an executive position myself I've put together my best tips for the professional on the run. 1. Ask the hotel front des

Top Five Sponsorship Sales Tips

I spoke to a young, new sponsorship sales individual at an agency yesterday and the conversation started off on a sour footing. The young man seemed down, beaten up but hungry to figure out how to do his job better. It led me to start thinking more crticially about the sales roles I used to play at agencies, teams and events. Selling sponsorship is hard no matter what size the deal is and I've sold $500.00 deals for a local 5K and multi million dollar race car packages. I kept thinking how I wished there was someone who would have given me some proven tips for finding and closing deals. All day yesterday and again out on my 90 minute bike ride today I kept thinking about that call and it led

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