What I've Figured Out!

Here's an unstructured, ranting, stream of thought type of post without much editing or structure. My writing professor from University, Laura Kelly, would be very unhappy. She was cool though and saw the Doors live in concert back in the day. I'm a big believer in self growth, self awareness, recognizing and changing weaknesses and ownership of faults. So as I hit 44 last month I took stock on issues and things I believe in and parts of what me tick. We're only here on this beautiful earth for a blink of an eye so why not make the most of it, lay everything on the line, reach for the best in everything and live with passion. I like to be extra nice to servers and people in the service indus


It's all over and now back to the wonderful world of manic marketing. I conquered another SEMA show and it was great meeting with old friends and meeting new friends. The cars were glossy, the exhaust was loud and the engines shiny and for a car lover I was,as my father says, 'a pig in slop'. What was my favorite car? That's a great question! The '63 Stingray in screaming red was a winner, the vintage Porsche 911 harkened me back to simpler days but the overall flash car in my book had to be the matte gray wrapped Jag F Type dripping with carbon fiber. I just love that car! Now it's time to follow up and get back to work all driving forward to massive success. PS. Day one of the show had me

Oakley Jawbreaker 2000 Mile Review

“They’re so big and bulky”, I thought when industry leading Oakley first launched the Jawbreaker. Word has it that uber cyclist and former world champion Mark Cavendish had partnered with Oakley to create a first line of vision defense, an optic to harken back to the Lemond days of old, a blow their socks off lens and over the top frame which would leave all others off the back. Since I first got them a few months ago I’ve put a little over two thousand miles of wind, spit, sweat, rain, sports drink, cappuccinos and more than one insect over, at and through my Jawbreakers. So what’s the verdict Coach? They are large, in your face and obnoxious but in a way a Hermes belt buckle is. It’s a sta

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