Closing Fast!

As we slog our way through the last quarter of 2016 it feels almost like the last ten miles of an Ironman. This year has felt longer than most and it's been a fatiguing year in our country across all areas: business, politics, social upheavals, security etc. One of the KEY aspects which makes any Ironman or triathlon athlete for that matter successful is the notion of closing fast. You never want your best miles to be your first miles and I'm working to push harder than ever in the last few months. The best racers are always the one's who can push harder at the end. Right now it's easy to put it off until 2017, make up excuses that the holidays are right around the corner or just give in to

Extreme Ownership

Yes, this is a book about Navy Seals. Yes, there are stories with graphic depictions of events in real wars. And yes this is a best selling book aimed at executives. The two authors, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, have transformed themselves from America's elite soldiers into two of the most sought after business consultants out in the world. I loved it so much I bought it for a couple of the best dealmakers and businessmen I know. If you want to truly learn how to lead, have a massive positive impact on your employees and generate incredible success than go read this book and take a hard look at yourself in your work environment. Here are a couple of my favorite lessons: “You can’t make peo


Yes! I'm a car guy. Always have been. From my first Hot Wheels race cars to my 1967 Convertible Mustang with a 289 and four barrel carb I love cars! Old cars, new cars, yellow cars and blue cars. Mostly I dig race cars and luxury cars. Currently I have a little bit of both and feel pretty fortunate every day to slide into the machine. My new whip is a 2016 Audi S4 with Black Optic package and more bells and whistles than a state carnival. I'm not a car reviewer but I read a great review on it which nailed it, so I copied it below. Credit to: Jake Lingeman at AutoWeek Just don't get it in 'Hello, Officer' red When is 333 hp more than 333 hp? When it’s in an Audi S4 and max power seems to be o

My Top Three Twitter Accounts

Before the sun rises I'm typically caught up on the world at large. In this spastic age of social media everyone has their own poison. I still love Twitter and visit regularly throughout the day. Here are my top three favorite accounts: 1. @jockowillink - former Navy Seal and now best selling author and hard core business consultant 2. @businessinsider - quick grabbing headlines and easy links to read more 3. @F1 - the quick and dirty to one of my favorite sports What about you? What your suggestions for me? I'd love to hear them.

Top Three Best Business Tips

These are three great tips I've recevied for business. 3. Never be afraid to ask for the contract 2. Hire great people and pay them well 1. Your employees come first then your clients. Keep your employees happy and success will follow.

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