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Z Top Five Tips for Securing Sponsorship

A wise man once said that the second hardest job in car racing is securing the sponsors. The first hardest job is actually driving the car. Finding event, sports, business sponsorship has never been more difficult and I've worked in all of them. There are more opportunities, more places for brands to put there money and more ways to evaluate and quantify sponsorship. I thought it would be a good idea to reveal just five of my best tips for those hard working, grinding, persistent and intelligent sponsorship professionals.

Here you have it and guess which is the most important:

1. Find your KEY differentiator

2. Know what your prospect is looking for and what their goals are

3. Ask your prospect what's worked and what hasn't and WHY

4. Ask your prospect what they are comfortable spending

5. Research your prospect and their competition

Now, what are the best ways to do this and what are the top three most important tips for securing sponsorship? Message me to find out.

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